Viaduct Harbour Local Living Compost Hub - Viaduct Harbour

Viaduct Harbour Local Living Compost Hub

Viaduct Harbour, in partnership with Auckland Council, is proud to present a composting pilot project with NZ Box and For the Love of Bees — the first of its kind for the city centre and waterfront. The Viaduct Harbour Local Living Compost Hub is a creative and innovative scheme helping businesses work towards zero-waste.

The initiative will see six compost boxes, designed and supplied by New Zealand Box, installed behind Headquarters — who have enabled the project to happen on their site. Constructed from wood and steel using innovative technology, the boxes are durable, odour-free, vermin-proof and can be installed on any urban surface — unlocking the potential for composting to take place beyond community garden-style environments.

Council’s City Centre Place Activation team leader Barbara Holloway says the idea to have a “functioning compost hub” at Viaduct Harbour is an extension of the regenerative environmental learning centre that was until recently located at the former Griffiths Gardens site on Wellesley Street.

“This initiative demonstrates the potential for collaborative composting in any residential, commercial or city environment and it empowers local businesses to use commercial food waste to create compost that goes back into the food production cycle,” Barbara says. “This new council-business collaboration is a perfect example of how we can all work together in the city centre context to achieve zero-waste outcomes.”

The project will officially launch at 8:30am on Tuesday 19th November with an eight-month feasibility study, including training for local eateries to correctly use the composting system. The first Viaduct Harbour business to be inducted into the programme is Hello Beasty, which has already introduced systems for separating organic waste in their kitchen.

The compost produced by the trial will be used by local eateries to grow produce, as well as being donated to urban farms in the city.

To join us for the official launch of the Viaduct Harbour Local Living Compost Hub, register via the Facebook Event page here.