The Lewis Road Grasshopper - Viaduct Harbour

The Lewis Road Grasshopper

Jason Rosen, award-winning mixologist and owner of Parasol and Swing has given the classic Grasshopper cocktail a spruce up with the Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Liqueur and Three Vanillas Ice Cream. Essentially a boozy version of an after dinner mint, this dessert cocktail uses Creme de Menthe however, feel free to use any chocolate complimentary liqueur you have on hand such as Baileys, Frangelico or Chambord.

Here is the recipe for this delicious (drag queen-approved) dessert cocktail:

20ml Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Liqueur
30ml Creme de Menthe
10ml Creme de Cacao
1 dash Absinthe or Pastis (Optional)
1 scoop Lewis Road Three Vanillas Ice Cream
1 drop sesame oil 

Run through a blender or shake thoroughly with cubed ice until smooth.  Served with mint flavoured chocolate.