Food that will make your body want to give your brain a hug!


At Pita Pit we make good food irresistible. Flavours that excite. Fresh, quality ingredients you can see. All hand made, exactly how you like it, every time. And not because it’s trendy, we’ve been doing it this way for twenty years right around the world.


We’ve got nothing to hide. We’re totally transparent in everything we do, so much so you can see all of our fresh ingredients. We chop our fresh vegetables in-store every morning and we grill proteins right in front of you. Our business practices are the same, and our people are always open, friendly and welcoming.


Our ingredients are always fresh. But so is our thinking. We’re innovative, restless and always keen to look at how we do things from a fresh perspective. Because fresh thinking is what makes things better, it’s what helps us improve and stay irresistible.