Nick Loosley has no shortage of patrons or helpers queuing up to be part of his social dining concept, Everybody Eats. In fact, burgeoning demand has put pressure on the two-year-operation to expand with another Auckland site opening later this year, citing a need (like most charities) for more cash, and more equipment. 

Another particular resource that Everybody Eats is on a perpetual hunt for, is the skilled chef variety. So, when Loosley contacted Viaduct Harbour to see if any of their hospitality sites would be willing to spare their most sought after human assets as volunteers, SOUL Bar & Bistro was top of the hit-list. 

“Nick said they’ve been doing huge numbers at Everybody Eats’ Karangahape Road site, up to 350 three-course covers on a Monday night, which is insane,” explains Viaduct Harbour’s marketing manager, Sam Saxton-Beer. “This is similar to what a large operation like SOUL does on a Friday, so I knew that Gavin [Doyle, head chef] and SOUL’s team would have what it takes to step up for this”

SOUL immediately confirmed their July 22nd date with Everybody Eats, proving a timely opportunity to embrace some of Matariki’s core notions in its lead-up — ideas around harvesting food, gathering, sharing and feasting traditionally celebrated during the Māori new year — something Viaduct Harbour has been encouraging its community to learn more about with the help of William Waiirua and writer-filmmaker Pita Turei. 

Of its many altruistic layers, including the more obvious ones around bringing people together from all walks of life and providing a restaurant quality meal, Everybody Eats has also proven its ability to transform chefs’ ideas around food waste. “Through coming to volunteer at Everybody Eats, a lot of chefs change the way they think of what a food scrap is, or what food waste is” explains Loosley.

Connecting with Nick and understanding more about Everybody Eats has inspired Doyle to put thought into SOUL’s own practices “I think everyone could do more. For example Viaduct has a compost area underway which we’re hoping to be part of. By leading the way, hopefully this will encourage all of the other Viaduct Harbour restaurants to get on board”

Every $10 enables Everybody Eats to provide 3 x three-course meals to a homeless or vulnerable patron. Viaduct Harbour has pledged to match all donations until a total $10,000 target is met, ahead of SOUL’s date at Everybody Eats on 22 July. Donate here: EExViaduct *

*ends midnight 22 July 2019, or earlier if the total $10,000 target is met.