Playlists to Pull You Through - Viaduct Harbour

Playlists to Pull You Through

There’s no denying this is a strange time we’re living in, but we believe a good soundtrack will help. No matter what your mood, we’re absolutely certain you’ll find something that works for you below.

From the duo that are normally dropping bangers at SOUL Punch?
Sweet Mix Kids have hereby pulled through with ‘iSOULation’ — an exclusive playlist for Viaduct Harbour listeners in iso (love you guys).

Hello Beasty vibes? We have so many.
Hello Beasty‘s tunes are almost as legendary as their Katsu Sando. Here’s a bunch of compilations encompassing the best of Soul, Blues, RnB & Funk; curated by Hello Beasty’s most familiar faces. Oh and Katie just dropped a bunch of Drum & Bass. Find all of Hello Beasty’s playlists on their Journal page here:

Turning it up? Try this exclusive playlist Ladi6 made for us last year.
This collection of bangers is hard to beat — in fact it’s been on repeat since Ladi created it exclusively for Bright Nights 2019. S/o to Spark & Spotify.

Something chill? Try ‘Shuffle and Breathe’ by Parks:
Meanwhile Ladi’s partner-in-crime, Parks, has dubbed this new playlist his version of ‘The Breeze FM’. Perfect Sunday listening.

More folky-chill? Try this Georgia Alice playlist by Isabella Lau
Relaxed Indie-folk tunes for your listening pleasure featuring some of Bella’s favourite NZ artists. #GeorgiaAliceForever