DIY Karaoke with Calvin from Holey Moley - Viaduct Harbour

DIY Karaoke with Calvin from Holey Moley

Witnessing the fitness of punters singing (/yelling) Whitney Houston lyrics from the mezzanine window of Holey Moley’s karaoke room is all part of a Friday night in the Viaduct — under usual circumstances obvs.  It’s also the only evidence we need that Karaoke is a fail-safe method for forcing fun onto people who often present with mixed levels of enthusiasm. One person who knows a thing or two about karaoke is Holey Moley’s Calvin Carney. An avid supporter of the performing art himself, Calvin’s hereby assembled a bunch of tips to remind us that there’s nothing holding you (and your bubble) back from a good old fashioned sing-along at home.

How to: DIY Holey Moley Karaoke

1. Chromecast Youtube to your TV.
2. Search a karaoke version of the song you want to sing.
3. Sing your heart out!

Calvin’s Top 5 Karaoke Songs

Mack The Knife, Frank Sinatra
Back To Black, Amy Winehouse
I Want It That Way, Backstreet Boys
Fly Me To The Moon, Frank Sinatra
Flying Without Wings, Westlife