It's International Martini Day this Friday! - Viaduct Harbour

It’s International Martini Day this Friday!

Whether you prefer it shaken or stirred, dirty or dry, the Martini is arguably one of the most famous cocktails in the world. This Friday 19th June is International Martini Day and to celebrate, we have a line up Viaduct Harbour spots who are offering some sweet deals and limited edition concoctions.

An irresistible icon that has quickly become synonymous with late-night levity, there’s no denying the ability of an espresso martini to get the night going. Swing by Holey Moley and grab yourself one for just $10 all day.

Dedicated to creating some of the most expertly-crafted cocktails in town, Parasol & Swing’s line up of celebratory martinis is no exception. Featuring a classic dirty, espresso or passionfruit pornstar.

The clever people at Hello Beasty have crafted a bespoke ‘Beastini‘ that embodies the essence of the vibrant modern-fusion eatery featuring botanical Japanese Roku gin, vermouth and a hint of zesty yuzu.

What’s better than an espresso martini to kick off the night? TWO espresso martinis of course! Sun-soaked bar and eatery Saint Alice are offering two of their Jumping Goat 100% NZ Espresso Martini for $20.

Rounding off the International Martini Day line up are Oyster & Chop with two contemporary twists on the well-known classic; The Artini and The Botanist Martini.