Matariki & Maramataka – the Māori Lunar Calendar - Viaduct Harbour

Matariki & Maramataka – the Māori Lunar Calendar

In traditional Māori society, day-to-day activities were guided by the Maramataka lunar phases and the environment, indicating the best time for planting, fishing and harvesting.

Phases of the moon expressed in the Maramataka still influence how we connect with the environment and ourselves today. Over a 30-day period there are low, medium and high energy days.

Leading up to Matariki, flags around Viaduct Harbour will represent these aspects of the Maramataka. White shapes symbolise the lunar phases, while the spectrum of colour represents the energy level of that lunar phase. Warm tones indicate high energy days, a time to be productive; while cooler tones represent low energy days, a time to slow down and relax.

We’ve been working with Tuhirangi Blair of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei to bring these lunar phases to life leading up to Matariki 2021.

Stay tuned over on our Instagram as we elaborate on the meaning of each lunar phase and suggest how to make the most of each day of the Maramataka.

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